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Go Green! TKK participated in tree-planting activity

TKK Selected Excellence in CSR Top 100

TKK Selected CommonWealth Magazine Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Top 100

The 2015 Corporate CSR Award of CommonWealth Magazine was different from previous years. In the past, CommonWealth Magazine used to select top 50 companies from large, medium and foreign enterprises. In 2015, small enterprises with annual revenue less than five billion were also included in the evaluation and the total number of selected enterprises was increased to 100.

It is not easy to meet the Corporate CSR Award qualifications. First, the enterprises have to make profit for three consecutive years, and then they have to be examined in four dimensions of corporate governance, corporate commitment, community involvement and environmental protection.

The expansion of CSR Award distribution will also make an influence on various fields. Among the selected enterprises, there were 50 large enterprises, 15 medium enterprises, 15 foreign enterprises, and 20 small enterprises.

(Excerpted and translated from CommonWealth Magazine 2015 No.579)

NOTE: CommonWealth Magazine is a well-known political-economic magazine run by professional journalists.

TKK cooperates with Korean company PHILOPTICS, anticipating to assist in FPCB manufacturing

TKK acquired distributorship from ficonTEC

Taiwan Kong King acquired distributorship from German Company ficonTEC.

This year, Taiwan Kong King acquired distributorship from German company ficonTEC Service GmbH. Having the advantages of the high-end optical technology of FiconTEC and the sound sales platform of Taiwan Kong King, their working together offers photovoltaic customers selections of higher technology and service quality and brings better opportunities for the development of both sides at the meantime.

FiconTEC is expert in precision assembly equipment and its solutions are widely used in laser module, optical communication components, optical modules, camera lenses, medical equipment, etc. The equipment of FiconTEC has been used by leading companies in various fields, installed in North America, Europe and Asia.

In response to the demand for precision assembly in optoelectronics industry in recent years, FiconTEC¡¦s unique optical active plus passive alignment, high-precision six-axis movement mechanism which makes the assembly accuracy reach sub-micron level, coupled with modular design, enable the equipment to be highly customized to achieve maximum efficiency. FiconTEC has complete product line, including automatic and semi-automatic equipment; therefore it is able to provide supporting solutions to customers in both product development and mass production stages to meet their respective needs.

We believe that the cooperation between FiconTEC and Taiwan Kong King will not only resolve the customers technology bottlenecks in product development and production, but the resources and experiences accumulated for over 30 years by Taiwan Kong King in the electronic industry will also bring quality service to photovoltaic customers in China and Taiwan.

This year, FiconTEC will exhibit on the 17th China Optical Fair from August 31 to September 3 (Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center), Booth No. 1A13-9 (German zone) as well as Taiwan Semiconductor Show from September 2 to 4 (Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall) at Taiwan Kong King Booths No. 606.

TKK ranked top 5% in Corp. Governance Evaluation

TKK is ranked top 5% among OTC companies in the first Corporate Governance Evaluation of TWSE and is invited to the Recognition Ceremony on June 10, 2015.