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JT Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Oven (JTR Series)

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  • Reinforced main hanging bracket to avoid rail deformation and board jamming.
  • Multi-layer thermal insulation design. The Surface temperature of the Oven body is reduced by10 to 20 degrees, reducing the temperature of the working environment effectively.
  • New cooling configuration to make the filteredor reclaimed air back to oven chamber, it can reduce the thermal loss as well as get better flux collection.
  • 15% heat transferring efficiency was improved to deal with the lead free process with morecomplicated and larger products.
  • The dual-rails conveyor is able to improve the production efficiency as well as save power andcost.
  • Use the full protection of the sealed oven design to prevent nitrogen losing. So the lowestconcentration of oxygen can be reached to 150ppm.
  • Nitrogen consumption is only 20-22M /H with the oxygen level 300-800ppm ; ● Nitrogen construction is option: High precision & reliable Oxygen analyzer +Cooling Water,Reduce the solder, avoid bridging, get good welding quality.
Product Information
    JTR Series
    Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Oven

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